White Boards: Melamine Markerboards: Marker Boards

White Boards: Marker Boards: Dry Erase White Board: Melamine Marker Boards
White Boards: Marker Boards: Dry Erase White Board: Melamine Marker Boards
Item# M2

Product Description

White Boards, Melamine Markerboard. The Erasable dry erase white board is the latest innovation in effective, easy-to-use visual aids. Use colorful dry-wipe markers to write on its smooth, white melamine surface and create more emphasis to every presentation. The marker board is made of strong, tempered hardboard backing and a specially formulated and applied layer of melamine coating. The resulting scratch-resistant surface erases easily and completely with a felt eraser or dry cloth. Unlike chalk, the erasable markers leave no messy dust or residue on the board, hands, clothing or furniture. Framed in bright, anodized aluminum or in rich hardwood, these lightweight erasable marker boards feature a full-length rail for markers and erasers. Many sizes available.


Sizes available: 18"x24" 2x3 30"x40" 3x4 3x5 4x4 4x5 4x6 4x8 4x12


M2-18-018x24 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0U(w $38.72

M2-23-024x36 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0U| $57.50

M2-30-030x40 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uhw $68.82

M2-34-036x48 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0UX|y $78.76

M2-35-03x5 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uuy $209.16

M2-44-04x4 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0UPw $215.43

M2-45-04x5 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uwy $219.04

M2-46-04x6 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0U(w $222.80

M2-48-04x8 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0US $250.49

M2-412-04x12 Aluminum Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uwy $378.67

M2W-18-018x24 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0UP9y $47.83

M2W-23-024x36 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0U| $61.92

M2W-30-030x40 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0U( x $78.76

M2W-34-036x48 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uhw $82.63

M2W-35-03x5 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0Uuy $221.64

M2W-44-04x4 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0U`yy $224.76

M2W-45-04x5 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0UX|y $231.00

M2W-46-04x6 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0U`yy $235.16

M2W-48-04x8 Wood Frame Melamine Markerboard0UP9y $259.09